Is Cold Air Intake Worth it? – Works, Benefits, And Much More

Is Cold Air Intake Worth it_

Car modifications have been in the trend for more than a decade now. There are several options for upgrading the car that is available in the market. They add extra horsepower and torque to your moving possession. Amongst them, the most suggested option will be the cold air intake

Is Cold Air Intake Worth it?

If you ask an expert, he will always suggest you add Cold Air Intake for efficiency. It is one of the popular options and an inexpensive, easy to install. It certainly works like medicine that allows your engine to breathe. It can make a huge difference to the overall performance of your driving.

Sounds interesting, right? Here in this blog, we will guide you and give you the exact reason why a cold air intake is worth it by explaining its benefits and how it works.

What is Cold Air Intake?

Cold Air IntakeThe name itself suggests that it is used to bring cold air into the engine. It is often called CAI. It moves the air filter outside the engine compartment so the cooler air can be sucked into the engine. The cooler air carries oxygen to the combustion chamber resulting in more power. The filter is then moved to the upper wheel area, where the access to cooler air is even more.

The Cold Air Intake is placed far away from the engine and also comes with a heat shield. They are usually wider and made up with a less restrictive material. It is combined with cooler temperatures, hence more oxygen, which in turn leads to more power. It is designed in such a way that sufficient air can flow. 

How to conclude that CAI is safe and helps improve performance? Let us see its various advantages after installing.

What Are The Benefits of Cold Air Intake?

Experts often recommend car owners to install a cold air intake because be it brand vehicles or the featured models, they can be benefitted by adding this to the modification. Let us have a glance into its benefits.

1. Increased Horsepower

One element that regulates the engine’s output power is the quantity of air used during the combustion cycle. As compared to hot air, cold air allows fuel to burn more effectively. This is the reason experts suggest getting Cold Air Intake for your engine because it may result in increased horsepower. The Cold Air Intake adds 5 to 12 additional horsepower. However, it depends on the configuration of your vehicle.

2. Improved Mileage

In case if sufficient oxygen is not supplied to the vehicle, it will use more fuel to compensate for less oxygen. It is self-evident that if the engine receives the optimum amount of oxygen, the car will automatically provide better mileage. To save your fuel and gain better mileage, the Cold Air Intake is a good alternative. 

3. Better Acceleration

Once you install a Cold Air Intake, you shall experience an instant rush in acceleration when you push the pedal. For this reason, the vehicle will suck a huge amount of oxygen, which in turn will give you the desired speed.

4. Reusable Filter

The air system is generally made up of a disposable air filter that collects dirt, dust, and other particles that are, of course, dangerous for your engine. The selected Cold Air Intake kits have reusable filters that are easy to remove and clean when needed.

What are the Components of Cold Air Intake?

As of now, you have got an apparent reason how Cold Air Intake is worth your money. Let us see what makes the Cold Air Intake benefit your engine.

1) Heat Shield 

Heat ShieldThe heat shield is made up of a powder coat, polished aluminum, and a thermal barrier that safeguards the air filter from engine heat. They are perfectly designed to intake much less heat, in turn helping the intake filter suck cooler air for better performance. For better results, you can also use a gold plate as a heat shield as gold has the property of protecting overheating.

The Bypass Valve 2) The Bypass Valve 

The Cold Air Intake bypass valve sucks up some water to avoid air filters by providing a vacuum leak. They are usually mounted onto the intake tube.

3) Vacuum Hose 

Vacuum Hose The vacuum hose is a silicon accessory. It is the vacuum feed for the PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) system. The hose is attached to the intake, which will pull air by the crankcase to separate any corrosive and fuel vapors. It basically pulls out filtered air from the intake.

4) Intake Tube 

Intake Tube 

The intake tube is a high-density plastic metal, a carbon fiber smooth pipe with fewer bents that allows cool airflow into the intake system. It is usually located in the engine bay area so that it can suck in air from outside the bay. They are manufactured in various shapes like curved, U-shaped, mandrel-bent to fit in perfectly.

5) Filter Wrap

Filter Wrap 

The filter wrap is a filter cover that expands filter service life and, as a result, increases performance by catching most of the airborne debris before it comes by the filter media.

Few more details on Cold Air Intake

  • Price

The CAI usually is known to be worth the money, but still, you will be delighted to know that they are not really expensive and will fit into your budget easily. 

  • Installation time

It hardly takes an hour or two to get a perfect fit if there is no replacement needed. If the replacement is required, it may take more time. 

  • Types of Air Intake available

There are two types of air intakes available: Warm and Cold Air Intake. Choose wisely what works best for your car.

The Bottom Line

Out of all the market modifications, we consider the Cold Air Intake to be most essential. Believe us when we say the Cold Air Intake is worth it if you are looking for optimal automobile performance. Install Cold Air Intake system and get a perfect system of free-flowing sound air to your engine with extra horsepower. Keep your vehicle healthy and efficient with the CAI. We hope you experience and enjoy a better performance!

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