Schaeffer Oil Reviews – Is Schaeffer Motor Oil Good?

Schaeffer Oil Reviews

It’s hard to have a conversation about motor oils without speaking about Schaeffer. This leading brand is a household name due to the quality of oils it sells. In this article, we shall learn more about it and see whether its product is living up to its popularity.

Schaeffer Oil Reviews

Schaeffer motor oil – History

The Schaeffer Manufacturing Company was established over a century ago in 1839. It specializes in hydraulic fluids, synthetic motor oils, diesel fuel additives, industrial greases, industrial lubricants, chain lubes, degreasers, etc. 

Even though the company is so old, it kept up with the changes in technology and demand, introducing new lines of products as and when the need arose. It managed to accomplish this without compromising on the quality. We think this is the biggest reason behind its incredible success.

Schaeffer Oil Review 

It should come as no surprise that Schaeffer has thousands of happy buyers. It has many positive reviews and features that you will appreciate. Let’s look at a few:

  • Schaeffer Oil Review It has been formulated to keep the engine clean and more carbon buildup, sludge, soot, etc.
  • The motor oil works very efficiently and resists thinning even in high temperatures. When the temperature is cold, you will see faster lubrication.
  • It is GM Dexos-1 compliant
  • The motor oil has characteristics that reduce scuffing, wear, and friction. It is friction-modified to enable this. It has Penetro and Micro Moly.
  • This is a fully synthetic motor oil made for gasoline engines.
  • It works to reduce the ageing of oil.
  • It acts fast and increases pumpability and circulation.
  • Its viscosity index is quite high.
  • It protects against oxidative thickening
  • Its coefficient of friction is very low
  • It has very low volatility characteristics
  • Packaging is not great
  • Some users have experienced noise


Schaeffer Oil Reviews – The Verdict

From what we have explored and experienced, we think that Schaeffer is indeed reliable. The motor oil and additives are clear winners because of the many benefits they shower on the engine and the vehicle. Of course, they are slightly more expensive than the counterparts, but their quality stands out and is well worth the additional bucks.

People Also Ask

1.) Is Schaeffer’s Oil Any Good?

Yes, it is. All of Schaeffer products are really good and live up to expectations.

2.) Where Is Schaeffer’s Oil Made?

It is made in St. Louis, MO.

3.) Does Schaeffer Oil Have Zinc?

Yes, it does.


There’s no doubt about it – Schaeffer is the way to go. The motor oil beats its competition in more ways than one, and that is why we recommend it as well. If you have any more questions, please feel free to speak to us. 

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