Kanati Trail Hog vs Goodyear Duratrac – Which One Is Better?

Kanati Trail Hog vs Goodyear Duratrac

When it comes to tires, we hear multiple names including Goodyear and Kanati. They are both said to be reliable and popular, which is why most of our readers are confused. Don’t worry, though. We have analyzed them both to help you out.

Kanati Trail Hog vs Goodyear Duratrac

Kanati Trail Hog vs Goodyear Duratrac – History

Goodyear is a famous, well-established brand. It has loyal customers who trust it without losing a beat. Thus, when Duratrac was launched, they didn’t need to try too hard to sell their product. However, Goodyear’s quality comes at a price. It is quite expensive.

Kanati is comparatively new, and the Kanati Trail Hog is not as popular as Goodyear. But, the tires have proven to be reliable and specifically appeal to those who want an affordable option. They may not compare to Goodyear in terms of quality but many say that they are more or less replicas in many ways.

Kanati Trail Hog vs Goodyear Duratrac – Features

In this segment, we shall discuss the features of each of the tires.

Kanati_Trail_HogKanati Trail Hog

  • The tires are tough and have an excellent tread design. This enables them to withstand uneven and rough surfaces with ease. 
  • The tread design is such that rocks, mud, and snow do not stick to it.
  • They are all-weather tires and can deliver great performance even during harsh winters. 
  • They are suitable for on-road and off-road conditions.
  • The tires are made for light trucks and deliver utmost stability and high performance.
  • Since there’s no unnecessary noise, driving with these tires is enjoyable.

Goodyear Duratrac

  • Duratrac is made with the TractiveGroove Technology that enhances traction especially in snow and mud.
  • The wheels have rim protectors, keeping them safe from damage.Goodyear_Duratrac
  • They will do well even in severe snow.
  • The tread blocks are highly angled to give you lateral stability. This design also reduces noise.
  • These tires are perfect for off-road conditions because the tread keeps debris, mud, and snow away. 
  • If you need more traction during winters, you can attach metal studs in the given LT sizes.

Kanati Trail Hog vs Goodyear Duratrac – The verdict

There are 2 things to consider here – your requirements and your price range. If you do not experience severe snow, you do not need advanced technology in your tires. You can choose Kanati Trail Hog in this case, even if you can afford Duratrac. The same logic in the opposite case. The point here is to buy the best based on what you need. 

If you can do with either tire but you are low on cash, you can safely choose Kanati and you will be happy because it is a good choice. Goodyear is established and powered with the latest technology, yes, but Kanati is not a compromise. 


Both Kanati Trail Hog and Goodyear Duratrac are good tires with exceptional features. If you want to go with the best, Goodyear is your answer. If you are low on budget but want a good one nevertheless, Kanati will fill your requirements just fine. Make the right choice without confusion!

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