Best coolant for 6.0 power stroke – Top reviewed antifreeze (2021)

Best Coolant for 6.0 Power Stroke

To ensure that your 6.0 power stroke engine is performing well, you need to ensure that the coolant is doing its job. Why, you ask? Because the coolant is responsible for keeping the engine cool. Otherwise, the heat can render the engine useless! This essential function makes it a top priority. That is why, when you plan on changing the coolant after a system flush, you should buy only the best, most reliable option out there. 

But, of course, we know this can be a difficult task because there are multiple options out there. That’s why we are here to help. 

Best coolant for 6.0 power stroke

We have gone through a number of popular coolants and shortlisted these 5 for you. They are top-reviewed and their users are happy. We invite you to go through them and make your pick!

1. Genuine Ford Fluid – Concentrated Antifreeze

Ford Fluid VC-7-BThis yellow-colored coolant from Motorcraft is among the best at the moment. It meets all the requirements of a Ford power stroke and does wonderfully to keep the engine cool. Below are a few features that we love:

  • It is an ethylene glycol-based coolant, formulated for diesel and gasoline engines.
  • It works to protect from corrosion, boiling, and freezing throughout the year.
  • You should use the coolant along with distilled water in a 50-50 mixture to improve the protection.
  • The coolant contains a bittering agent as well.
  • Please remember that this is a concentrated formulation and needs to be used with water.

The pros

  • Ford recommended
  • Long lasting

The cons

  • Expensive


2. Genuine Subaru Super Coolant

Genuine Subaru SOA868V9270Those who live in freezing temperatures and need to protect their engines from the temperature will love this coolant. It has been made to last a long time and do its job well. Here are reasons why you should buy it:

  • It is made of ethylene glycol.
  • It has the ability to prevent freezing up to -62 degrees F.
  • You don’t need to use any corrosion inhibitors if you use this coolant. It will take care of these problems all by itself.
  • It works well even on non-metal surfaces.
  • It is a pre-diluted formulation, which means it already contains water. You don’t need to add any more. 
  • This is a blue-colored coolant.

The pros

  • Pre-diluted
  • Reliable

The cons

  • Slightly expensive


3. Engine Ice High Performance Coolant for 6.0 power stroke

Engine Ice TYDS008The Engine Ice coolant has the stamp of approval from Amazon itself, and of course, from most of its users. It is available as a single bottle or in packs of 2, 3, 4, and 6. Read on to find out some of its features:

  • This is a bio-degradable coolant that is phosphate-free and non-toxic.
  • It works to reduce temperatures when it gets too hot and avoid freezing as and when needed.
  • The coolant is ideal for street driving, racing, snow machines, ATV, motorcycles, etc.
  • It uses propylene glycol, which is known to work against seal failures and water pump gasket problems.
  • It has also proven to work better than standard coolants in extreme and stressful conditions.

The pros

  • Ready to use – pre-mixed with deionized water
  • Non-toxic

The cons

  • Expensive


4. Zerex Original Green Coolant

Zerex OriginalZerex is another bestseller on Amazon with many positive reviews. This green coolant is ready-to-use and does its job very well. Read on to find out more:

  • It is pre-diluted to a 50/50 mix with deionized water.
  • It works against corrosion and rust as well.
  • The coolant is known to provide protection until -34 degrees F.
  • It has a patented corrosion inhibitor that extends the life of the engine by providing complete protection.
  • It has a bittering agent as well (denatonium benzoate).

The pros

  • Suitable for all vehicles – heavy-duty and light-duty
  • Prevents boil-overs and freezing very efficiently
  • Affordable

The cons

  • None


5. Mopar Coolant for 6.0 power stroke

MoparThis is another reliable, pre-mixed coolant that you can use for your 6.0 power stroke. Its main features are as follows:

  • It is pre-diluted and does not require the addition of water.
  • It can run up to 150,000 miles or 10 years.
  • Its color is purple (close to pink). 
  • It prevents corrosion and rust along with ensuring that the temperature is always suitable.
  • It works perfectly as an antifreeze in extreme conditions.

The pros

  • Reliable
  • Does its job well

The cons

  • The color changes with temperature and can be slightly confusing



Let’s learn more about coolants by going through this FAQ section.

1) What coolant does Ford recommend?

The company recommends Genuine Ford Fluid. It is the most reliable but you don’t have to stick to it. You can try others as well as long as you don’t mix the colors.

2) Do diesels need special coolant?

There are specific coolants for diesel engines, yes. They have an additional additive that protects against erosion. It is always ideal to check and purchase. 

3) What happens if you use the wrong color coolant?

It can wreck your engine and affect its performance considerably. It can also corrode the radiator.

4) How much does Ford charge for a coolant flush?

It should be around $100.

5) How long can you run a diesel engine without a coolant?

Less than a minute. If you try driving without a coolant, your engine will overheat.

6) Is coolant flush necessary?

Yes, the coolant should be flushed after 10 years or so because it breaks down over time. It will stop performing well and protecting the engine if you continue with the same coolant.

7) What is the coolant capacity of 6.0 power stroke?

The 6.0 power stroke has a coolant capacity of 6.875 gallons.


It is unwise to take a coolant lightly because it plays a very important role in ensuring that the vehicle performs smoothly. Whether it is for flushing, draining, or replacing, you should get the best coolant for your power stroke. We hope this list help you find it without any hassle.

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