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How to Reset Service Advancetrac – Fix it Easily

How to Reset Service Advancetrac

AdvanceTrac and its Functioning

AdvanceTrac by Ford is an electronic stability control (ESC) system that detects and navigates through harsh road conditions such as rain, gravel, ice, snow during extreme weather and terrain conditions and maintains your vehicle’s balance. It detects using tiny gyroscopic sensors, which take readings around 150 times per second and assess the vehicle’s stability. It is designed using selective engineering to enhance the traction control, ensuring the stability of vehicle and safety on roads.

The sensors are connected with the Powertrain Control Module (PCM). The readings from gyroscopic sensors lose traction by monitoring factors such as acceleration, angle of steering (over-steering or under-steering), and induced brake pressure required to stabilize the vehicle. AdvanceTrac system allows regain of grip or traction, terrain management, hill assist (up-hill and down-hill), prevents skidding rather than regular ESC system which only prevents sliding or spinning of vehicle.

Components of AdvanceTrac

Some components are necessary for the AdvanceTrac system, such as:

(a) the electronic sensors which give information regarding rotational speed, the motion of the vehicle to PCM

(b) ABS which prevents over-steering, under-steering and locking of brakes

(c) Traction control system which determines appropriate brake pressure to be applied in order to avoid sliding. 

AdvanceTrac with RSC (roll stability control) monitors the risk of car rollover. It works in the same way as AdvanceTrac by reducing the power to prevent rollover and keeping all the wheels on the ground.

Service AdvanceTrac Warning

Service AdvanceTrac warning might pop up in case of loss of traction, steering angle issues, during a malfunction of traction safety feature, if the vehicle is hit from behind, malfunction in wheel-speed or rotational-speed sensor. The service light is on when the sensors detect any of the above issues, and it stays on until the issue is resolved. The problem can be determined by detecting faults in sensors with the help of various scanners. 

How to turn OFF AdvanceTrac 

However, in case such as if the vehicle is stuck in the snow and the traction control system does not allow the wheels to spin fully, we can switch off some features of AdvanceTrac, which will allow the wheels to spin. By doing so, it will enable us to use or retain the full power of the engine. The traction control system can be turned off by switching off the stability control switch with graphics written as TCS OFF. ABS and engine functions will not be affected; only the ESC will be disabled. 

For the features of AdvanceTrac to be restored again, now press switch or by turning off the engine and restarting it. It is better to allow the full features of the system to be functional for ensuring safety on roads.

How to fix service AdvanceTrac 

AdvanceTrac service messages popping up can be resolved to make it fully functional again. Firstly, tracking the issue which is causing the warning message to flash. The most common reason for service AdvanceTrac messages might be due to loose wiring. To identify the wiring cause, check the wiring harness located inside the cab above the brake pedal. We can either pull plugs back and forth to tighten or remove the harness and reconnect the plugs and ensure they are tightly placed. Turn on the engine and check whether the service message still appears. 

Using OBDII Scanner and FORScan Software

If tightening the harness did not resolve the issue, the cause can be detected using OBD2 scanner and diagnostic software- FORScan. The most significant advantage of using the software is it accurately diagnoses, and it is free software. To use the scanner, you have to plug in the OBD device and turn the engine on; the instrument will scan all the car systems and send or provide error messages or codes. The manual will give the meaning of each code. FORScan software is specifically designed for Ford, Lincoln, Mazda vehicles. It shows some codes that OBD scanners are not able to display. It can run diagnostic procedures, reset trouble codes. 

The codes can indicate issues with ABS modules due to a simple broken wire or cable, as it is directly connected to service AdvanceTrac. If the code indicates an ABS circuit is open, the cables can be replaced or soldered to resolve the issue. 

If the traction control system has no problem, but the cause is due to a burnt fuse or fuel running out, resolving the fuse issue will stop signaling the service AdvanceTrac message. 

There are other ways to fix the service AdvanceTrac Ford Fusion without the help of a mechanic. As discussed above, the fuse box should be checked if the battery needs to be charged again or replaced. Check and change the three bolts (two bigger bolts at the top and one smaller at the bottom) if the fuse is not damaged. Or replace each fuse, battery, and bolts from the box to resolve the problem. 

How to reset service AdvanceTrac

Another way is to reset or change the soft codes, which might be helpful to resolve the problem. For changing soft codes, turn the ignition on and while it is on, opens the deck of your car and disconnect the negative terminal of the battery, and let it disconnect for 5 minutes. To be noted, it must be disconnected while the ignition is still on; otherwise, if we disconnect the battery in off condition, it will not reset the codes; instead, it will always display the saved codes. 

If there was an issue with soft codes, the problem might be resolved, and the service AdvanceTrac light will be off. If there is an issue with electric sensors, it must be taken to a professional to fix the sensors. 

An easy method for first-generation ford fusion available is to turn the key in an anticlockwise direction approximately 3 times after every two seconds. It allows us to fix the issue without opening the deck.

The AdvanceTrac system is most useful in regions with annual snowfall, slippery terrains, extreme weather conditions to maintain the stability of the vehicle.

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