Car Jerks When Stopped in Drive – Possibilities And How to Fix it

Car Jerks when Stopped in Drive

Are you facing issues with your car? Do you feel a sudden jerk when you break your vehicle? There are many ways in which a vehicle responds to some internal damage, malfunction, or load. Some of these are stuttering, jerking, jumping, shaking among others. All of these symptoms indicate an underlying condition, of which most can be solved simply without spending much. 

Car Jerks When Stopped in Drive

Let us move ahead to the list of possibilities that makes your car jerk when stopped in drive and ways in which that can be fixed.

1. Dirty and Worn out Spark Plugsfoulled-spark-plug

Dirty or worn out spark plugs can cause the fuel in the piston cylinders to not ignite properly. This in return causes the engine to misfire, i.e. not all the cylinders in your engine are fired properly. What you can do to solve this issue is to clean the spark plugs and place them back properly. However, in the case of worn-out spark plugs just cleaning them won’t work and so you might want to change them entirely. You can do it by yourself if you have it know-how or visit a mechanic to do the job of correctly calibrating the damaged plugs. When faced with damaged or worn-out spark plugs, you should change them as they aren’t expensive too. 

2. Faulty Fuel Intake SystemFaulty Fuel Intake System_

The fuel intake system including the valves and the fuel pump could also be the cause of vehicle jumping when stopped. Over a long period of usage, the valves in your engine seem to have clogged due to constant wear and tear. This would not let the fuel flow properly into the engine and in return, the car jumps when stopped or even while driving. You should get your vehicle to the mechanic and get not only the valve but also the fuel pump checked for any wear and tear or clogging.

3. Broken or Disconnected HosesBroken or disconnected Hoses_

If you happen to experience that your car shakes when stopped, it could be due to a loose, broken, or disconnected hose. The vacuum hoses in your vehicle are there to remove the exhaust fumes and gases out of the engine. If it is damaged or broken, you can witness the engine shaking and vibrate violently. You need to see a mechanic and get it repaired as soon as possible as this can affect the functionality of the engine. Moreover, it is quite an easy task for any good mechanic so you need not worry about pricking a huge hole in your pocket.

4. Worn Out Timing Belt And Other BeltsWorn out Timing belt and other belts_

The timing belts and other belts in your car’s engine need to be properly snuggled so that the fans and other types of machinery can function as expected. If these belts are worn out or loose, it can lead to improper functioning of the fans and can cause your car to vibrate and jerk often. Make sure you have these belts inspected regularly to ensure that they are fit perfectly in their place and are capable of effective functioning. 

5. Broken Motor MountsBroken Motor mounts_

These are used to keep the engine intact with the vehicle. If you experience the car shudders when stopped at a signal or at idle then it can be due to broken or damaged motor mounts or transmission mounts. You need to get it repaired with the mechanic. But before you do so confirm that the issue is with the motor mount. For this, you can try putting your car in neutral, and if the shaking and shuddering decreases then it indicates some issue with the mount.

Final Thoughts

Hope you have got the answer to “why does my car shake when stopped?”. We have also included the ways in which you can fix each of them. Get your car inspected regularly for all the problems listed above and stay away from car jerking issues. 

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