Best fuel filter for 7.3 power stroke – Top 5 fuel filters of 2020

Best Fuel Filter for 7.3 Power Stroke
Best Brand
Our Top Pick
Motorcraft FD-4596
Motorcraft FD-4596
Value for Money
FD-4596 Fuel Filter
Yinlowa FD-4596

Choosing the right fuel filter for your 7.3 power stroke is important because every model of Ford has a specific requirement. Every year, Ford vehicles change ever so slightly and with them, the components change as well. So, picking out the latest one wouldn’t be a good idea. You should, instead, keep the model number of your Ford in mind and make the pick.

Product No.Fuel filter for 7.3 power stroke
Product ImageProduct ReviewsCheck Price
1)Motorcraft FD-4596Motorcraft FD-45965BuyOnAmazon
1)Yinlowa FD-4596FD-4596 Fuel Filter4.5BuyOnAmazon
1)WIX Filters - 33818WIX Filters5BuyOnAmazon
1)Racor PFF4596Racor Fuel Filter1BuyOnAmazon
1)ECOGARD XF59292ECOGARD XF592924.5BuyOnAmazon

To help you, we have shortlisted 5 of the best fuel filters for 7.3 power stroke today. Please go through our list and zero in on the best one based on the current filter in your Ford.

Best fuel filter for 7.3 power stroke

1. Motorcraft FD-4596 Element

Motorcraft FD-4596Motorcraft is known for its superior products and this particular fuel filter is another feather in its cap. It is Amazon’s Choice and has managed to make many users happy due to the following reasons:

  • The filter is resistant to corrosion.
  • It promises at least 90% efficiency.
  • You can install it with ease and without the need for professional help.
  • The filter has been known to increase durability and strength, which is very important in vehicles.
  • The manufacturers offer a warranty of 12 months.

The pros

  • OEM part
  • Fair price

The cons

  • Does not come with a filter cap


2. FD-4596 Fuel Filter

FD-4596 Fuel FilterThis is a replacement part for Ford E-Series 1999 to 2003. It is ideal for F250 to F550 Super Duty Ford Vehicles. The filter comes with multiple features that are bound to impress you. Let’s explore a few of them:

  • It improves the performance of the vehicle thanks to a uniform flow.
  • It has the ability to block around 98% of the contaminants (10 microns at least).
  • It prevents poor starting, stalling, and engine failure.
  • The filter comes with 2 O-rings for easy installation.
  • This is an OEM design filter and fits perfectly.
  • The manufacturers offer lifetime support along with a 12-month warranty.

The pros

  • Direct factory replacement
  • Good price

The cons

  • It fits loosely in the canister


3. WIX Filters – Heavy-Duty Fuel Cartridge

WIX FiltersHere’s another Amazon’s Choice filter for you! This cartridge style filter from WIX has been designed specifically for heavy-duty usage and has the following features:

  • It has an excellent design with the cap and filter integrated together. This feature makes installation very easy.
  • The filtering capability is more enhanced than the factory part.
  • Installation is a breeze.
  • It comes with the necessary O-rings.

The pros

  • Excellent filtration 

The cons

  • You have to coat the O-ring with motor oil. Otherwise, there may be leaks


4. Racor Fuel Filter – OEM FD4596

Racor Fuel FilterRacor is another excellent brand for fuel filters. The filters are of superior quality and promise enhanced performance. A few more details are as follows:

  • The filter is built to OEM specifications and has been tested to fit perfectly.
  • The micron rating of this filter is 7.
  • The filter is backed by a 24-month warranty.
  • Its filtration capacity is superior when compared to other aftermarket filters.

The pros

  • Satisfactory performance
  • Good price

The cons

  • None  


5. ECOGARD Premium Diesel Fuel Filter

ECOGARD XF59292We shall end our list with a bang! Here’s ECOGARD – a premium diesel fuel filter for Ford 7.3 power stroke vehicles. It has various features, which we shall look at now:

  • It has precise connections for the inlet and outlet so that there are no fitment problems.
  • It has undisputed efficiency when it comes to water separation and filtration.
  • The filter improves the performance of the engine.
  • Its micron rating is 7.
  • The size of the socket is 1-inch.

The pros

  • Very easy installation – takes only a few minutes
  • No leaks

The cons

  • The filter top is not of the best quality



Let’s learn more about the 7.3 power stroke fuel filters by answering a few questions.

1) How often should I change my fuel filter on my 7.3 power stroke?

The thumb rule is once every 15,000 miles. However, if you have a 3rd oil change before you hit the milestone, you should do it then.

2) How many fuel filters does a 7.3 diesel have?

Only one. It is located in the front.

3) How do I know if my fuel filter is bad?

You will experience rough starts and stalling. This is because a clogged filter affects the engine. These signs are more significant during the winter season.

Other signs include poor performance, rough idle, and part failures in the fuel system.

4) How do I know if my fuel filter is clogged?

You will have trouble getting the engine started. You may also experience a strong odor and frequent idling along with the aforementioned symptoms.

5) What does a clogged fuel filter sound like?

It sounds like a knock or a tick. You will hear this sound when the vehicle has warmed up. 


As we discussed earlier, please be sure to check the fit of the fuel filter before making your purchase. Keep the model number of your vehicle handy to speed this process up. If you have any concerns or need further help in narrowing your options down, please leave a comment.

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