Best air filter for 7.3 power stroke – Top rated air filters of 2020

Best air filters for 7.3 power stroke
Best Brand
Spectre Performance
Our Top Pick
Motorcraft FA1757
Value for Money
aFe 46-10061
Air filters or cold air intakes are an integral part of the vehicle. They reduce the temperature of the air as it flows into the combustion tubes, making way for easier air transmission and better combustion.

The OEM systems have high resistance because they have a paper filter. They also do not make a lot of noise. After a while you have to change the air filter to keep up the performance, as is the case with many other parts of the vehicle. Air filters are available as kits or aftermarket products, making the purchase process very easy. Our article is aimed at helping you find the best air filter for 7.3 power stroke along with a few useful tips along the way. Let’s begin.

Product No.Air filters for 7.3 power stroke
Product ImageProduct ReviewsCheck Price
1)Motorcraft FA1757Motorcraft5BuyOnAmazon
2)aFe 46-10061aFe4.5BuyOnAmazon
3)Spectre PerformanceSpectre4BuyOnAmazon
4)Volant 19873Volant5BuyOnAmazon
5)S&B FiltersS&B5BuyOnAmazon

How to choose a 7.3 power stroke air filter

There are a few factors that one must consider while buying an air filter. The first, you guessed it right, is the fitment. We are talking about 7.3 power stroke air filters here and so, you must ensure that the filter you like has been designed especially for these engines. 

After this, you should take a look at the material it is made of. Composite plastic and aluminum are two popular choices. You can take a look at how the original air filter was and buy a corresponding one. The other factors you must consider include ease of installation, leak-proof, mileage expected, heat shield, and tubing. You can add more features to this list based on your priorities. 

Best air filters for 7.3 power stroke

Keeping the aforementioned factors in mind, we have shortlisted a few air intakes just for you. Keep reading to find your perfect match.

1. Motorcraft FA1757


Motorcraft is a versatile air filter for cold intake that works wonders on outside air, filtering it well. It has been rated among the best because of its many interesting features such as the following:

  • It is very easy to install.
  • It is leak-proof.
  • It is strong enough to withstand damage due to moisture and oil.
  • It has a unique air filter style measuring 20 x 43 x 38 inches.
  • It is resistant to extreme temperatures.
  • The manufacturers offer a 12-month warranty on the air filter.

The pros

  • Long-lasting
  • Strong against weather, moisture, and oil

The cons

  • Expensive


2. aFe Bladerunner Manifolds Intake


This particular intake has been designed to increase performance through higher airflow. It has incredible specifications that promise to reinvent your engine. Let’s take a closer look:

  • It facilitates high airflow (15% more than factory), which directly results in better performance.
  • It is made of aluminum.
  • It offers low EGT with improvement in torque and horsepower.
  • The air filter also promises faster spool up.
  • It has a washable reusable filter that has 3 layers for fast drying.
  • It comes with all the required mounting hardware.
  • It also has a battery relocating tray.

The pros

  • Faster spool time
  • Better performance, mileage, horsepower, and torque

The cons

  • The mounting bracket may require modification for easy fitment


3. Spectre Performance High Air Intake Kit 


If a kit is what you are eyeing, you won’t go wrong with Spectre. It has been dyno-tested to outperform factory air filters and offers multiple features that you will love. A few of them are as follows:

  • You will enjoy at least 50% more airflow than factory parts.
  • It helps improve acceleration by working on the throttle response. Thanks to this, you will also see a significant improvement in uphill performance.
  • The air filter also ensures low engine sound, which is quite cool.
  • It requires bolt-on installation and comes with everything you need to install. The entire process will only take you an hour or so.
  • The air filter is designed to protect the engine against contaminants.
  • It has an efficient black powder coated heat shield.
  • The intake tube is lined with polished aluminum.

The pros

  • Easy to install
  • Better performance

The cons

  • The air filter flow gauge may need modifications


4. Volant Cool Air Intake


This is another excellent air filter that you must consider for your 7.3 power stroke engine. It is ideal for Ford Excursion, F350, and F250 models manufactured between 1999 and 2003. Here are a few highlights we are sure you will like:

  • It is made of cross-link polyethylene material.
  • The filter is cleanable and reusable. It is also quite durable and can be used for a long time without any problems.
  • The insulated lid is made out of carbon fiber or polished aluminum. It provides complete closure.
  • This is an oiled air filter.
  • It also comes with vehicle-specific air ducts.

The pros

  • Fits well without the need for adjustments
  • Smoother acceleration and better performance

The cons

  • Installation might be slightly tedious


5. S&B Filters – Cold Air Intake 


S&B Filters offers 2 types of cold air intakes – cotton cleanable and dry extendable. The latter is more popular but you can always pick whatever you like best. Below are a few interesting features of the same:

  • It guarantees an improvement in airflow as well as efficiency. When compared to factory fits, you will see 51.43% more airflow along with 99.68% efficiency rating.
  • You won’t need to worry about check engine lights anymore.
  • The air intake is made of premium silicone parts that ensure longevity.
  • You can use compressed air to clean the tube so that it works efficiently for a longer duration. 
  • It has a custom enclosure that keeps the unwanted engine heat out.
  • The flow is not restrictive at all.

The pros

  • Easy to install with easy-to-follow instructions
  • Very well made

The cons

  • It is not an air tight seal


No matter which of these you choose, you will be happy and your engine will thank you! You may find a couple of pricey options here but it is totally okay to skip those and check the others based on your priorities. These are all good choices!

If you have any doubts or concerns regarding our recommendations, please feel free to write to us or leave a comment.

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