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Best glow plugs for 7.3 power stroke – Get the perfect glow plugs now

While we have heard a lot about spark plugs, we don’t usually pay attention to glow plugs. However, they are quite important in diesel engines because they provide ignition. Many people confuse them as the same and end up making mistakes during purchase. 

To steer this confusion away and to help you pick the best glow plugs for your 7.3 power stroke, we present to you this article. Please read on for details and our expert picks.

What are glow plugs?

Glow plugs are devices that provide ignition but they do not play a role in starting the engine. This is the biggest difference between glow plugs and spark plugs. Glow plugs are the most important for diesel engines in colder temperatures because ignition is not easy at this time. The temperature is not suitable for ignition and starting the vehicle is a challenge. This is when glow plugs come into the scene.

You must remember here that glow plugs play a role only in the ignition. They do not contribute to the drive. 

Best glow plugs for 7.3 power stroke

If, for any reason, the glow plugs on your 7.3 power stroke are not working, you can replace them with new glow plugs from the market. There are many options to pick from and we aim to ease the choosing process by bringing you our favorites.

1. ZD-11 Genuine OEM Glow Plugs – Set of 8

These are lightweight and durable glow plugs from the reliable brand Ford/Motorcraft. They are suitable for 6.0 and 7.3 power stroke diesel engines. They come with quite a few exciting features such as the following:

The pros

The cons

2. Bosch Glow Plug – 80028

If you are only looking for a single glow plug from a reliable brand, we suggest that you give Bosch a shot. This particular glow plug comes with many features and attractive promises. Let’s take a closer look:

The pros

The cons

3. OEM Ford/Motorcraft Idi Glow Plug for 7.3 Power Stroke

This set of glow plugs comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. It boasts of quick and effective ignition along with multiple other features. Below are a few:

The pros

The cons

4. Wellman Glow Plugs 

Wellman Glow Plugs come in sets of 8. They are suitable for models of 7.3 and 6.0 power stroke diesel engines. However, we advise that you check the fitment for your particular model before making a purchase. Let’s go through a few details about these glow plugs:

The pros

The cons

5. Ensun Diesel Glow Plugs for 7.3 power stroke – Pack of 8

Ensun Diesel Glow Plugs are known for high performance and excellent durability. They come in a set of 8, enabling you to change all spark plugs together. Here’s why we think you should buy them:

The pros

The cons


Learn more about glow plugs for 7.3 power stroke engines by going through our FAQs.

1) Will a diesel start with bad glow plugs?

Yes, it will. But, that won’t be an ideal scenario. If the glow plugs fail, there will be unnecessary pressure causing the engine to hard start.

2) Is it okay to drive with a bad glow plug?

You can drive with a bad glow plug but if you do not address it, it will lead to serious damage. This is why immediately taking care of it is important.

3) Should you replace all glow plugs together?

If one glow plug burns out, the chances are that in the near future, the others will too. This is why experts recommend that you change all the glow plugs together and avoid hassle.

4) How many glow plugs does a 7.3 have?

There’s one glow plug for each cylinder. Since a 7.3 power stroke has 8 cylinders, it has 8 glow plugs.

5) Are glow plugs and spark plugs the same?

Their function is the same – to ignite. However, spark plugs are for gasoline engines while glow plugs are required in diesel engines.

6) What causes glow plugs to fail?

There can be several reasons. Some of them are:

7) How long do diesel glow plugs last?

They tend to last for 100,000 miles. But, due to several reasons, they may fail earlier.


Through this guide, we are sure you understand that delaying the replacement of glow plugs is not recommended. If you see any problems, we advise that you choose any of the above sets of glow plugs and replace them immediately.

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