Best exhaust for 6.0 power stroke – Top exhaust system (2020)

Exhaust systems ensure that the vehicle is running smoothly and not using up more fuel than required. Performance exhaust systems usually measure 4 inches in size but there are larger diameter exhausts as well. The right one for you depends on the kind of vehicle you have, especially its horsepower.

Just like everything else in a vehicle, the exhaust system has an expiration date. When it runs its course, you have to go for an upgrade to ensure the proper functioning of the vehicle and its overall health. 

But, choosing the best can be tricky because there isn’t much to explore from, especially when needs are specific. This is why we are here to help you.

Best exhaust for 6.0 power stroke

1. HI FLOW Power stroke F250 F350

The HI FLOW headers and manifolds promise a significant improvement in the way you handle your vehicle. This exhaust kit is rated among the best for this exact reason. Some of its highlights are:

The pros

The cons

2. Ported High Flow Exhaust Manifolds

If you have a power stroke between 2003 to 2010, you will appreciate installing Ported High Flow Exhaust Manifolds. Why do we say so? Our reasons lie in the features. Take a look!

The pros

The cons

3. Stainless Performance Headers

This exhaust kit is for 6.0 power stroke vehicles from 03 to 07. The kit features high performance stainless headers and is a direct replacement of the original manifolds. Some of its highlights are:

The pros

The cons

4. BD Diesel Exhaust Manifold Set

This is another set of quality manifolds with heavy walls and durability. It especially boasts of enhancing the efficiency of the turbine. Let’s find out more:

The pros

The cons


To help you understand your 6.0 power stroke better, we decided to answer a few common questions.

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How many miles will a Ford 6.0 last?

Can the 6.0 power stroke be made reliable?

How often should you change the oil in a 6.0 power stroke?

Now that you have a clear idea of the 6.0 power stroke and the top exhaust systems in the market right now, we are positive you will make the right choice. If you are stuck or confused, please reach out to us.

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