Best clutch for 7.3 power stroke – Upgrade your clutch kit now!

Upgrading your clutch may transform your riding experience by improving its quality. But it’s not as easy as just choosing the first clutch you see. In fact, it might be confusing seeing all the options out there. This is why we decided to help you by reviewing our favorites.

But before that, let’s see if you really need to upgrade your clutch:

Should you buy a new clutch for your 7.3 power stroke?

If you fall into any of the categories below, you should. Otherwise, you may not need to yet.

The trick is to understand what you expect out of your truck and whether it can deliver that to you.

Here are a few things you should remember while choosing your new clutch:

If your clutch doesn’t meet the standards and requirements, it may cause trouble instead of giving you an upgraded experience.

Now, let’s head over to the most important section of this article.

Best clutch for 7.3 power stroke

After thorough research and understanding, we have come up with the best available options on the market today. Take a look!

1. Hayden Automotive Premium Fan Clutch 

The best way to start a list is with an Amazon’s Choice product! Hayden Automotive brings to you a superior clutch that promises unfazed performance. Below are a few features that we absolutely love:

The pros

The cons

2. EFT Clutch Kit 

This one has specifically been made for Ford models from 1994 to 1997. EFT is a leading brand when it comes to clutch upgrades and this model does not disappoint at all. Here’s a closer look:

The pros

The cons

3. South Bend Organic Clutch Kit

South Bend Clutch is another excellent brand delivering exactly what it promises. It has a few unbeatable features that make it worth a purchase. Let’s take a look at what they are:

The pros

The cons

4. EFT Stage 2 Clutch Kit 

This is another kit from EFT, which is for a different set of Ford vehicles. If you have a truck model from 1999 to 2003, you can definitely give this a shot. Here’s why:

The pros

The cons

5. South Bend – Stock Replacement Clutch

We shall close our list with a second good product from South Bend. It includes a flywheel kit and a number of great features. Below are more details:

The pros

The cons

On the surface, it will definitely seem like all clutch upgrades are the same but you will see differences in performance, price, and requirement. These are the factors you should consider while comparing the aforementioned clutches to zero in on the best. We hope our list was helpful! 

If you require any additional details, please reach out to us via comments.

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