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6.0 vs 6.4 Powerstroke – Top Comparison Between Two Powerstroke

The world of powerstroke engines is dramatic, to say the least. Of course, everyone wants their engine to be a powerstroke model, but there are variants in it as well. Some of the age old ones are 6.0 and 6.4L. There are newer options as well but fanatics like sticking with the old ones. If you are among them, we are sure you are curious to know whether 6.0L is better than 6.4L. This will also help you determine what to go for in your next purchase. 

In this article, we shall explore the pros and cons of the powerstroke engines so that you don’t scamper around for answers on the Internet. Let’s begin!

6.0L Powerstroke Engine

With factory horsepower of 325 at 3,300 rpm, the 6.0L powerstroke engine manages to impress age-old users. It comes with a displacement of 365 ci and a compression ratio of 18.0:1 It also has 4 valves per cycle. 

The Pros

The cons

6.4L Powerstroke

6.4L powerstroke offers a horsepower of 350 at 3,000 rpm, which is better than 6.0L. The valves are the same, though. It has a displacement of 390 ci, and the compression ratio is 17.5:1.

The pros

The cons

6.0 vs 6.4 Powerstroke

Take our advice and choose neither! You will do much better if you go with 7.3L powerstroke engines. However, if that’s not an option, you should choose 6.4L because it clearly has better features than 6.0L. The only place where it loses is the repair expenses. If you can come to terms with that, 6.4L is your answer. Otherwise, if an average powerstroke engine works, 6.0 will work and let you save money when the time for repairs comes.

Even though this is an old battle, we have had multiple queries about the two engines. This prompted us to write the article. We hope it has helped you!

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